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 Oo just had that thing where I finish writing up the entry but by accident back is pressed and it all goes... anyhew - Challenge #16! This challenge is all about Inter-movie OTPs! (One True Pairings!)
All you have to do is create an icon which features two characters each from a different film and on the icon the text 'OTP' or 'One True Pairing' must be present somewhere - other text is allowed. Same sex pairings, and animal pairings are fine. If you have any queries don't hesitate to ask!

Please read the rules:

1. Each icon you submit must feature two different characters each from a different animated movie, and the icons must feature the text 'OTP' or 'One True Pairing' somewhere on them.
2. You can submit up to three icons.
3. Minimovies/animation and blending are allowed (under 40 KB!)
4. Your icons must be LJ compatible and hosted with something that allows direct linking.
5. All icons must be of an animated film, anything containing liveaction with be not accepted
6. Icons must be submitted to this post in the following format -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Source - Fantasia 2000 

Katie will be up with the winners for challenge #15 as soon as she can - most likely sometime tonight - her laptop has been playing up!

You have an extention until Sunday 19th of November @ 8PM GMT to get your icons in! Please please do enter this week because it's always so much more interesting if there is more options for the voting!
Thank you and Good Luck!
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