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[ aniicontest reopening!! ]

We're thinking of re-opening here, and we'd like to know who would be interested/if people would be interested if we did restart the competition!

So please, if you are interested in animation and icons, please sign up to this icontest and we can get some great new challenges off the ground!


Would you be interested in participating in Aniicontest?

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I'm afraid that due to lack of entrants we're going to have to close challenge 17, and aniicontest will go on hiatus for the time being because we simply aren't getting enough people entering.

Thankyou so much to phantomberkanna, emmaerm,  obakehoshi and all those who've entered in the past who've been so dedicated to this challenge and have really made this contest so much fun to run. emmaerm and obakehoshi, I will make you both banners to thank you for entering challenge 17 as it is not going to voting.

We'll miss you all so much! *hugs*
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Reminder to please enter Challenge #17 - "Come What May" Lyrical Challenge

The deadline is FRIDAY 24TH NOVEMBER AT 8PM GMT!

We currently have no entries, so we'd love anyone who wants to to enter.
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Challenge #16 closure!

Unfortunately, Challenge #16 has been closed due to only one person entering! So, Katie and I have decided that unless we get a total of four people entering in the next challenge, we will close the contest! So, if you still want to see this contest up and running - please enter! We only need four people! Thank you - and the next challenge will be up tomorrow xx
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Mid-Week Reminder

Hey guys, here is your mid-week reminder to enter challenge #16 - Intermovie OTPs before this Friday, the 17th, @8pm! So far, we have no entries so please please do get them in! Thanks!
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