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Challenge 17! Please do enter this challenge, as if we don't get at least four people entering, then we will have to close the contest... 

Good Luck, and here's the challenge...

This challenge is a normal lyrical challenge - the song is 'Come What May' from the movie-musical Moulin Rouge. You must have at least 3 readable consecutive lyrics from the song on each icon you make. The limit is 3 icons per person, and as usual, they must be of animated films.

-EDIT- Sorry about lack of lyrics! Here is a link:


Please read the rules:

1. Each icon you submit must feature three consecutive lyrics from the song 'Come What May' from Moulin Rouge
2. You can submit up to three icons.
3. Minimovies/animation and blending are allowed (under 40 KB!)
4. Your icons must be LJ compatible and hosted with something that allows direct linking.
5. All icons must be of an animated film, anything containing liveaction with be not accepted
6. Icons must be submitted to this post in the following format -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 
Source - Fantasia 2000 

All comments are screened

Please do enter this contest - we need as many people as we can get as if there are less than four people entering, then we will have to close the contest...

PLEASE SUBMIT ICONS TO THIS POST BY 8PM GMT on FRIDAY 24TH NOVEMBER - voting will be up saturday morning as both auanne and I are out at the theatre on Friday night. (going to see Wicked XDDD)
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